Like everything in the world has got a history, the good/bad T-Shirts also have one. How a T-Shirt series derived from a costume for an Epiphany performance, I am going to tell another time at this place.

For the present facts and figures:

T-Shirts with trilingual print:

Arabic / German / Hebrew
with Arabic and Hebrew phonetics
front: gut [dschajed / tow]
back: böse [saijje / ra]

in 17 different shirt designs
long-sleeved, short-sleeved or sleeveless
for ladies, gentlemen, women and men

red, green or black (with print in white)

26 Euro per shirt

At the moment my Kangoo works as a hawker's tray. The easiest way for people in or near Vienna to buy a shirt is to send me a mail or to call - the hawker's tray comes by appointment and you can choose the right type of shirt and size easygoing. All other prospective buyers also send me mail or call, and we can check details (Mailing? Color? Size? Questions?).

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